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As a successful health coach and business coach, I am here to support you to your health and financial goals, and to help you enjoy life to the fullest! I will show you how to develop and maintain a healthy body, healthy mind, and healthy finances. Allow me to be your life coach.



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I’m all about helping you create the business and the life of your dreams!

life coach montanaLet me introduce myself, Sheridan Cotrell, Certified Health Coach and Business Coach with Take Shape for Life. I have spent a major portion in my life in ranching, belonging to Team Beef Montana and Montana women involved in economics.

My mission is to change the health of America one person and one family at a time! I am extremely passionate about my new career and assisting people to health they forgot was ever possible. I would love the opportunity to support you to your health goals and help you enjoy life to the fullest!

Please feel free to contact me here, so I can show you how I can assist you to lose your weight, improve your health, manage your own business and find hope again! I decided to become a Health Coach and a Life Coach because Take Shape for Life has given my family and so many of our loved ones renewed HEALTH and HOPE.

The highest compliment we can receive from our clients is the referral of their family and friends. I would be honored to assist someone you love to achieve their optimal health goals!

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“Not only have I lost pounds, a pant size and some inches but I have gained energy, focus and confidence. Energy to last the day, Focus to stay on track and the confidence to keep going another day! Thanks to the help of my awesome health coach, Sheridan Cotrell, and the TSFL community, my journey to optimal health is charging straight ahead. I’ve tried everything there is to try but I have finally found something that WORKS for me. Yay! Now off with the next 7 and onto Optimal Health! Thanks for the journey invite Sheridan, you rock!”

– Deann





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Introducing my newest business program…

health coach montanaIf you are looking to build your own business and you have a heart for helping others, health coaching is a great fit for you! As a health coach, you’ll master the habits and health and develop a new career in getting America healthy. This is an amazing opportunity for excellent earning potential while working flexible hours and centering your life around what matters most to you.

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Simply put, I understand the fear.

I know that you feel like you have a huge mountain to climb, even to just get started. I’ve been there myself!

I also know the power of taking that first step then the first leap, even when you’re not sure what’s on the other side!

Doing what you love will build a life that allows you to have the financial flexibility that you are craving. To go shopping without feeling guilty, go out to every weekend with your significant other, or travel the world and use your exclusive talents to impact the world!

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